Examples of Charity VR projects

Here’s a comprehensive list of social VR projects to date.  A great way to introduce you to the power of VR storytelling.

  • Waves of Grace (UN, VRSE, and Vice collaboration about Ebola in Liberia)
  • The Crossing (RYOT and HuffPo collaboration highlighting Syrian Refugees)
  • Factory Farm (Animal Equity and ConditionOne collaboration on slaughterhouses)
  • Perspectives (Specular Theory-produced piece that gives VR experiences on hot-button issues such as sexual assault and police violence)
  • Use Of Force (Puts audiences on-scene as witnesses to the US border patrol’s killing of Anastasio Hernandez Rojas)
  • Clouds Over Sidra (UN with VRSE)
  • Growing Up Girl (ONE and RYOT collaboration highlighting girls education)
  • The Enemy (Karim Ben Khelifa, where users get face to face with two combatants from opposing sides: an Israeli and a Palestinian soldier.)
  • It Can Wait (AT&T and ReelFX collaboration on the issue of texting while driving)
  • Collisions (Skoll, Ford, and Sundance Stories Of Change collaboration focusing on land rights and atomic testing)
  • Meet Albina (Ciudad Saludable and RYOT collaboration highlighting Albina’s solutions to recycling in Peru
  • The Source (charity:water VR: Experience the transformation of her Ethiopian community as a well bearing fresh water is dug for the first time.)
  • Fear of the Sky (Amnesty International in partnership with Syrian media activists, Lamba Media Production)
  • Matter Unlimited VR traveled with former President Bill Clinton and his daughter, Chelsea Clinton, to document the Clinton Global Initiative’s work in places like Tanzania and Kenya.
  • Pencils of Promise, transported its audience into a small classroom in Ghana to show how education is transforming the rural community of Toklokpo.
  • CrowdRise used augmented reality to build a virtual “Giving Tower“—which served as a visual representation of the impact of giving—that grew taller as people around the world donated to various causes.
  • Forced from Home VR series by Medecins Sans Frontieres

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