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"VR is an empathy machine" - Scott Harrison, charity:water


We work with you to tell the right story to the right audience, to help you make the biggest impact possible.


Using the latest in 360 degree camera technology, we capture real environments that evoke your audience to take action.


Transport your audience into any location you work in, placing them in the heart of someone else’s story.


Seeing is believing. Expand your donor and supporter journeys to inspire action and prove impact.

Imagine your face to face conversion rates doubling...
UNICEF NZ invited the the public to see inside a Syrian refugee camp with their VR film called 'Clouds over Sidra’. It doubled the rate of donations.

About Us

BONSAI is Australia's first Virtual Reality company exclusively for charities
We have collectively over 14 years of experience in telling stories that inspire change...

We exist to help you change the world through powerful storytelling. As fundraisers and videographers, evoking emotion through traditional and digital mediums has been our passion for collectively over 14 years.

Our unique blend of industry knowledge and charity video specialisation means we can quickly understand your specific needs and carefully craft a strategy and product that will help achieve your objectives.

Virtual Reality is the natural evolution of video storytelling and it's implications for the nonprofit sector are huge. As fundraisers we help connect donors to the change they want to see in the world. By carefully crafting a 360 video experience that feels natural to the user, we can make that connection stronger than ever before.

Step into someone else's story and let's change the world together.


Passionate fundraiser + NFP videographer = charity storytelling awesomeness
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Dan Lalor

Managing Director
Dan has experience in a diverse range of fundraising pillars and since 2010, has lead teams to raise over $30 million for a range of charities around Australia and NZ.
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Warrick Marsh

Creative Director
Warrick has worked with leading charities around Australia and abroad since 2009 – some of which are listed above – producing powerful video content to support their fundraising efforts.


VR is a tool that can stand on its own or be used to compliment existing fundraising activities

Step into someone else's story and let's change the world together.

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